Terms of Use

You must read and know the conditions of use set forth below, where you will find all the information regarding your rights and obligations as a user of Whallet. Whallet is a social network (hereinafter called website) which provides a set of tools for managing personal finances and storing tickets and invoices for personal expenses. These Terms of Use govern the access and use of the Web Site hosted under www.Whallet.com domain names as well as all contents therein are displayed or made available to users. When you access or use the website or any of the utilities of the application, acknowledge that you have read and agreed to comply with all provisions of these terms of use. Whallet reserves the exclusive right to revise these terms of use at any time. When this happens we will notify you via the website and if, once we have informed you of this, continuing to use the services offered by the website, understand that he has accepted the changes. If you do not agree, you can unsubscribe via the mechanism Whallet qualified to do within the menu of options. These Terms of Use may be supplemented by Whallet through conditions governing the use of certain services or products that may be offered on the website. The collection and processing of personal data, as well as the exercise of their rights to such information will be governed by these terms and conditions and privacy policy and data protection.

Minimum age to access whallet

Is banned from the website and obtain a user account by age 18. Accept the conditions means that you guarantee that you are of age and entirely responsible for this declaration. Whallet team can direct contact with you at any time to verify your age. To do this we may request, within a specified period of time, providing a photocopy of an official document attesting to their age. Otherwise, we reserve the right to block or terminate your user account. Document data to be provided will be used exclusively by authorized personnel for this task Whallet identification under any circumstances be used for any other purpose. We ask that any abuse or violation of these conditions is detected and, in particular involving minors, notify us immediately.

Safety Profile

You expressly agree that the services of the website are provided solely for your personal use and may not be used for economic or commercial purpose without prior authorization from Whallet.

Notwithstanding the tools advertising, sponsorship communication or Whallet can make available, legal persons - are companies, associations or any other organizations - are prohibited from having a user account.

Nor user account may be individuals who, by themselves, representing legal or professional activities, are intended to use the user account with a commercial, advertising, promotional or for carrying purposes of any economic activity.

Access to the service means that you must provide Whallet one set of personal data and, therefore, accept our privacy policy and data protection.

It is expressly forbidden to create user accounts with false, hence, if Whallet detects a fake user account, reserves the right to cancel or block as provided in these Terms of Use.

You agree to create a user account with real data and updated at all commented.

The web site access and use your user account involves commitment and obligation to make proper use of them, subject to these conditions and current legislation, whether national or international, as well as the principles of good faith , morality and public order, and with the commitment to observe diligently any additional instruction that, in relation to the use and access to do, you can make Whallet.

You are responsible at all times for your use of your user account.


You are required to make reasonable use of the Web Site and its contents, according to the possibilities and ends for which it is designed. Whallet acts as a mere intermediary, as offers its users a set of tools that allow them to generate content, solely assuming liability for the diligence may be required by law. Whallet assumes no liability, whether direct or indirect, arising from the misuse by you of the website or the content located there.

Whallet will do everything reasonably possible to monitor the legality of the content, images, opinions and other information communicated through the website. However, through the failure to complete control of those, you will be solely responsible for the information, images, opinions, allusions or contents of any kind to generate, host, transmit, make available or display through the website and, in particular, will be solely responsible for maintaining your user account and the information, images, opinions, allusions or contents of any type that communicate, host, transmit, make available or display on your profile.

In particular, Whallet not be held responsible for editorial and expressly declare that we do not identify with any of the opinions that any user can issue Whallet through the website, the consequences of which is entirely responsible issuer thereof./p>

Whallet generation may moderate opinions, information, comments, images or drawings as a user send us, being able to install, if we understood it appropriate, filters for this purpose. This does not in any way obliged to Whallet to control the contents that can spread through the website, but the desire to avoid, insofar as possible, that through Whallet, can diffuse into the network content or opinions that might be considered defamatory, racist, sexist, xenophobic, discriminatory, pornographic, violent or that, in any way, violate principles of morality, public order, decency or are clearly illicit or illegal.

Uses not permitted

It is forbidden and therefore its consequences will be your sole responsibility, access or use the website for illegal or unauthorized purpose with or without economic, and specifically without the following list have absolute , is prohibited:

  • Host, store, disclose, publish, distribute or share any content that could be considered a breach in any form of the fundamental rights to the honor, image and personal and family privacy of third parties and, especially, of minors.
  • Host, store, disclose, publish, distribute, or share pictures or photographs or images collected personal data to third parties without having obtained the appropriate consent of the owners.
  • Host, store, disclose, publish, distribute, or share pictures or photographs or images collected personal data to third parties without having obtained the appropriate consent of the owners.
  • Reproduce, distribute, make available or otherwise, share, inside or outside the network of Whallet photographs or images that have been made available by other users of Whallet.
  • Host, store, disclose, publish, distribute or share any materials or information that is unlawful, racist, obscene, pornographic, abusive, libelous, deceptive, fraudulent or in any way contrary to morality or public order.
  • Use the service to injure, defame, intimidate, violating the self-image or harass other users.
  • Make use of the website or any of the services Whallet illegally, or otherwise by which could damage, overburden, or impair the Service or the Web site.
  • Introduce viruses, corrupted files, or host, store, distribute or share any other material or program that may cause damage or alterations in the contents, programs or systems Whallet.
  • Use the service for the sending of advertising or commercial communications, for the broadcast of messages with advertising purpose or for the catchment of data with the same purpose.
  • Use the Service, regardless of its purpose, to send mass emails or repetitive character to a plurality unsolicited people or send email addresses to third parties without your consent.
  • To capture or collect email addresses or other contact information from other users through the website in order to send emails or other unsolicited communications.
  • Host, store, disclose, publish, distribute or facilitate unsolicited or unauthorized solicitations, promotional materials, junk mail, spam, chain letters or similar communications.
  • Register and use the profile with an economic purpose, commercial or advertising.
  • Create profiles on behalf or for the benefit of legal persons (companies administrative agencies, organizations, associations, political parties, trade unions, NGOs, etc..).
  • Urge, order or request to other users via the website personal data or solicit passwords or personal data.
  • Create a false identity, supply or use false information in the profile, make false, false information about yourself and others or their relationship with them.
  • Register a profile on behalf of another person or any other type of use of identities of others and, in particular, the impersonation of personalities.
  • Not access Whallet used automated means can be data collectors bots, robots, spiders, or scrapers without our permission.
  • Not offer any type of bet, contest, prize, reward or promotion without the express permission of Whallet.
  • No facilitate the violation of these terms of use.

The realization of any of the above behaviors on his part, with or without financial consideration, will allow Whallet, depending on the severity and in its discretion, suspend or terminate your user account immediately and, if necessary, remove content profiles in this catalog that violate prohibitions. It thus enables suspend or terminate your account without notice, without any right to compensation.

For all these purposes, we inform you that may give notice Whallet and timely cooperate with law enforcement and judicial authorities if it detects any violation of law or crime if he had suspected.


In the event that the computer has supplanted Whallet detects the personality of a third party through his locker proceed to verification. In case of impersonation cancel your user account. In the event that we can not adequately verify your identity shall also cancellation.

Regarding cases of impersonation of personalities, we caution that in the time we have evidence that has supplanted the personality of a third party through your profile, we will verify your identity and, if an identity has supplanted others, delete your user profile.

For all these purposes, we inform you that may give notice Whallet and timely cooperate with law enforcement authorities if impersonation detected that might involve the commission of a crime, in particular, the offense under Article 401 of the Criminal Code force.

If you detect any user account that you suspect might be false contact administrators.

Intellectual property

Whallet is the owner of all rights to intellectual property on the site, except for user-generated content that they shall remain as established in section user-generated content.

For the present conditions of use, Whallet, as owner of service grants you a limited, revocable, non sub-licensable right to use the Service in a strictly personal. Except for the license referred to above, prohibits any form of reproduction, distribution, public communication, modification and, in general, any act of exploitation of all or part of the content (images, text, graphics, indexes, forms, etc. .) that make up the website, as well as databases and software necessary for the visualization or operation thereof, which does not have the express written permission of Whallet.

You may not, under any circumstances, commercially exploit or use, directly, indirectly, in whole or in part, any of the content (images, text, graphics, indexes, forms, etc..) That make up the web site without the prior and Whallet written. Should you violate this license, Whallet cancel your listing, without prejudice to any other consequences that may result from such infringement.

User Generated Content

When you post any Whallet content like photos, videos, forum comments, opinions, logos or any other material, retains all rights therein and Whallet granted a limited license to reproduce and transmit them to add other information and change in order to adapt to the needs of the website.

This authorization is worldwide, non-exclusive (meaning you can grant another license its content to any person or entity, in addition to Whallet), for all the time that has valid user account with the sole purpose of that Whallet can provide the service in the terms explained in these terms of use. The following are exceptions that remain on the website once it has discharged the user account:

  • Reviews.
  • Comments in the forum.
  • Your user name, to avoid it being used by someone else in the future and there are identity theft and confusion.
  • Articles published

Other content, including personal information, will be removed once it is decommissioned user account.

Regarding the content you post on Whallet is guaranteed:

  • Regarding the content you post on Whallet is guaranteed:
  • That does not violate applicable laws such as those relating to privacy, to the image, honor, intellectual property rights, industrial or similar or any rights of a third party, either an individual or an entity.

So Whallet hold harmless against any claim or demand made by any third party relating to any legitimate right to the content that is published on the website.

Notification of Infringement

In Whallet we ensure the protection of the rights of the owners, so that if any person or entity detects that its contents have been published on the Service without your consent generating an infringement of intellectual property or right to honor , privacy, image or any other right, may inform Whallet, info@Whallet.com emailing attaching the following information:

  • Id content or personal information or protected right has been violated.
  • Id content cited sufficiently for it to be located.
  • Identification Whallet enough for the claimant to contact: email and phone.
  • Copy of your ID, passport or similar official document of identification.
  • A signed statement that the complainant stating that the above information is true and claiming to be the rightful owner (or that you are authorized to act on their behalf) of the rights allegedly violated.

Web Site Advertising

We inform you that the website contains advertising and generated own Whallet partners, so you accept advertising that may appear in your office or in other sections of the website.

Email notifications

There are two categories of messages that will be sent to the email address you have linked to your account.

  1. Information about what is happening in Whallet, events that is working, new information services and news. You may decide at any time whether or not to receive such messages.
  2. The messages that are part of the service that gives Whallet and necessary for the proper functioning of the website:
    • User registration confirmation.
    • Password reminder in case of loss.
    • Invitations to be sent at any time to people who want to recommend Whallet.

Therefore acknowledge and agree that these three types of messages and other messages of similar nature can not be disabled as part of the service which gives Whallet for proper operation.

Invitations to join whallet

You have at your disposal a mechanism to send invitations to others and recommend to the recipient that is part of the web community. When you make use of this service, the recipient will receive an email inviting them to join the community website where you can decide whether to accept it or not.

Whallet in no event shall use the details below to indicate in the invitation, especially the email account.

Will you who respond against the recipient if there is any claim against Whallet, exonerating the latter for any liability that might result from such invitation.

Access to the links and content whallet

The use of any technical device, software or technology (such as collectors robots, spiders, bots, crawlers, etc.) under which someone Whallet user or not, can benefit, directly or indirectly, with or without profit, of user profiles and content of the Website.

If Whallet detect any link, use or exploitation of the information that might violate the rights to privacy, honor and self-image of its members, will be fully entitled to act in order to remove that link or information and, if , immediately notify the competent authorities.


Whallet may change at any time Privacy Policy and terms of use, depending on the case, substitute, complete or amend the privacy policy and terms of use set out herein.

In case of modification of the privacy policies or terms of use, these will be notified to the users of the website. So if once you have been told you continue to use the service, we understand that he has accepted the changes. Otherwise, you can unsubscribe from Whallet by using the procedure for this purpose.

Law and Jurisdiction

The regulations determine the laws that should govern and jurisdiction need to know the relationship between Whallet and web site users. However, in cases where such regulations provide for the possibility for the parties to submit to jurisdiction given Whallet and the user, expressly waiving any other jurisdiction that may apply, subject to the Courts and Tribunals Valencia.

Acceptance of the Privacy Policy and Data Protection

For you to create a user account (locker) in Whallet need to read and understand the Privacy Policy and Terms of Use and consent voluntarily give us via the box at the last step of the registration form to can treat them.

Information and personal content

In addition to personal data, you can share in his locker notes information about you, photos and other information that is subject to the terms of use Whallet.

Whallet not control the information you share with other users and therefore not liable for such information. However, if you know there's a Whallet information or content that may be inappropriate and contrary to our policy of data protection and our terms of use, please contact us by email atinfo@whallet.com or from our

Treatment of personal data

The data that you provide in the registration process Whallet be logged in a file called Whallet users which have informed the Spanish Agency for Data Protection, in order to manage user access and perform electronic communications and to obtain statistical data of the same.

For your information, the Spanish Agency for Data Protection is an entity that is responsible for enforcing the laws that protect personal information and ensure security and data privacy.

In addition to personal data, you can share in his locker notes information about you, photos, etc..

Use your personal information to give you access to the website as user Whallet and make available the services and applications that provides Whallet and keep you informed of the latest news from Whallet.

As a Whallet have these rights over their personal data:

  • Access: you can direct Whallet to request information about whether their own personal data are being processed, the purpose of treatment, if any, is being made, and the information available on the origin of said data and communications undertaken or planned thereof.
  • Rectification and cancellation : in the event that their personal data are incomplete, inaccurate, inadequate or excessive, please contact Whallet to be appropriately modified or ask your cancellation if you do not want to be Whallet user.
  • Opposition: at any time can contact to oppose Whallet continue using their data, it is subject to deletion of your user account.

To perform any of the above actions can contact Whallet through the following emailinfo@whallet.com. You should know that for us to take any action we may require the provision of an official document to prove your identity.

Also be aware that displayed on the website, content and information that assists companies with Whallet.

Visitors connected off at whallet

To unsubscribe Whallet can contact us by sending an email toinfo@whallet.com or from our


Cookies are small data files that are stored on the user's computer containing information about you makes access to the website and are required for proper operation.

Whallet uses cookies to allow the user to navigate through the website. In no event will your personal data to associate cookies from your computer or identify him through them.


We realize that sometimes with all the legal language not understood it right. From Whallet not want you to stay no doubt for you. Ask! We are delighted majetes and we will answer.