mmAll about Whallet

  Whallet's philosophy is that anyone is able to use the tool and understand the information provided by the person who uses it. That is why through an attractive yet simple design is possible to manage the economy of any person, and not only that, Whallet speaks your language, it uses a complex financial mathematical language, use the language we all understand.

All this will seem fantastic, but ... How does Whallet really works?

1 - Spend your money on what you need.

2 - Access your wallet, right from your iPhone, iPad, Android or PC.

3 - Enter, how much it cost, when it has been and what kind of spending is.

4 - Take a picture with your mobile phone to the ticket or add a representative picture of spending.

5 - Check the statistics, evaluates and makes decisions.

We still working

In Whallet work under continuous development, that is, do not stop working to give you new features that fit your needs and allow you to increase your knowledge of both your financial economics as a whole.

That is why we present some features coming soon to Whallet :

  • Incomes.
  • Repeat movements automatically according to the selected period (daily, weekly, monthly ...).
  • Evolution and comparator statistics every month.
  • Saving tool.
  • Share movement on Twitter or Facebook.
  • Mobile App.

But that's not all, do you think we have forgotten something important? Do not worry, Whallet is a project open to suggestions, if you have a good idea, run! Tell us! Send an email

We are confident that your suggestions will help us Whallet is the best tool for management of the domestic economy.

We are not perfect

Although we make every effort to be, the Whallet team also wrong is why if the application does not work correctly or have any other problems please email us at tell us what is wrong and we will fix it

Since it can not be otherwise

Whallet is where the people are, which is why we invite you to follow our profile on Twitter, be friend or you like our profile on Facebook or read our blog to post our progress, interesting news, basic economy or saving tips.

The team

We believe in the products they serve people. <b> Whallet </ b> is being created from the city of Valencia, Spain also known as 'la millor terreta del món'.

José Vicente Martínez

José Vicente Martinez

CTO, Co-Founder

Adrián Capote

Adrián Capote

CEO, Co-Founder

Santiago Ruiz

Santiago Ruiz

Mobile developer, Co-Founder

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